Friday, May 11, 2007


I have often seen people totally fascinated by their work or their hobbies, or seen women totally committed to serving their families, and I wonder where do they get their drive, their passion from. What does it mean to be totally committed to something? To love something enough to devote your life to it - may it be computers or social service or your life partner. Will I ever be fully passionate about something, enough to give up other aspects of my life to it?

Even worse, are there good and bad passions? If you are consumed by the idea of praying to God, and living an ascetic life, with almost no earnings, no family, no career, is this good enough? Is being passionate about proving that bedsheets are in fact gateways into black holes not acceptable? Then how come being passionate about proving any new theory (which _you think_ is more plausible) OK? How do you judge whats good enough? Where's the line? What if I become passionate about drugs? Or something that will hurt someone else - someone I know and love, or some strangers?

And worst of all, what if after devoting 20 years of your life, loving and following some ideology, you realize it was all a sham ? That you were swept away by stupid ideas.

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  1. I've gone through this same question again and again. With time I've crystallized a theory of my own. It says that there is no ultimate purpose in life. There is no divine purpose. Society has no right to force you to do anything. So that lets you choose what you want to do and doing that well is good enough. Say playing the guitar all your life for example.

    If 20 years later you realise that this isn't good enough... it doesn't matter, because life has no purpose and nothing necessarily has to be accomplished in one life. Nothing matters after you're gone anyway. So do as your heart pleases and when its time to go, just leave.