Sunday, July 01, 2007

Wonderful Weekends

Saturday was a day of movies - the really crappy 'Fantastic Four', followed by the really nice 'The Chronicle of Nardnia', and another nice movie - 'Bridge To Terebhitia'. And that was followed by some music at Java City, and a nice soup and salad dinner at The Great Wall, and some Hersheys Kisses.

Sunday started with the morning show of Die Hard 4.0, great movie indeed, with some caramel popcorn. Lunch was my favorite - masala pav, then off to Akshay and Archana's place, and then Bhikre Bimb at Rangashankara, which also had pita bread and hummus and a mediterranean salad. And then a rajma-chawal dinner at home.

Hope each weekend is as good, and as fun as this one.

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