Monday, May 14, 2007

Dream Girls

After a long long time, I saw a movie, just because I wanted to, just because I liked the trailer. I hadn't read a single review, hadn't heard anyone talking about it, but when I saw the DVD with the friendly pirated DVD guy, it seemed like a fun way of spending a lonely Sunday evening.

Dream Girls is about the lives of many people, the great black singer, his three backup singers, how his soul-music isn't good enough for the white folks, and neither is his saucy dance style, how he gets replaced, and his backup singers become stars, but again, not the great backup singer - no, she is too fat and too soulful - instead the pretty one becomes a star, a big star, a huge star.

Lives get destroyed along the way, but for no fault of the pretty one, who is almost without personality, she is neither nice, nor bad, just a product that spells success, simply because the white folks control the money, and the white folks like the pop songs, and her fluffy young voice, instead of the mature soul stirring singing of all the other RnB singers.

Dream Girls is about dreams, about women, about success, about how our society puts style over substance, about failure, and about being true to yourself.

Dream Girls is about the time when the mother of the pretty one tells the manager how she didn't think her daughter was a great singer, and he replied that she wasn't, but she had "the quality", that made her a great product.

Dream Girls is about the old guy telling the great backup singer that she seems to have the misunderstanding that just because she has a great voice, she doesn't have to prove herself, she doesn't have to have discipline, or humility, but she is wrong.

Dream Girls is about an eight year long extra-marital affair, one built with the hope that "he will tell his wife as soon as possible", its about writing a song "that people will love to hear in their cars", its about the husband telling his wife that she can't go to the funeral, its about finding your own voice.

It isn't a great movie, the movie is almost wholly songs, with very limited dialogue, and maybe a little too long, but its definitely worth a watch.

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