Monday, June 25, 2007

Delhi Home

I left Bangalore on Wednesday night for Delhi, and went back to my old Delhi home. Met Kudrat, and her new flatmate Seema, who is now living in my room. Seema still has my 2 mattresses, with the bedsheet my grandmom had gifted me still spread on it, and my old pillows are also lying there. The curtains from my grandmom's house are still there, so is the poster I bought, and so are the buckets in the bathroom, and the utensils I didn't take along in the kitchen. Even the pretty candles that I had bought for Diwali were still lying on the fridge where I had left them.

Felt a big deja vu, like I hadn't left Delhi at all, still stayed there, still went to Sardarji ka dhaba for dinner with Akshat, and to Big Chill for comfort food, whenever I felt depressed. Kudrat and I sat on the terrace, with tea in my hand, talking about life, about office, and it felt just the same. We laughed, we cribbed about everything, and discussed her cooking skills, and everything else under the sun.

Slept very late at 3:30 am, got up at 8, hurriedly got dressed, and left for the airport, to go to Purnea, Bihar for Akshat's wedding.

But thats another blog post.

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