Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I Blush

I-blush is the new "product" by Ponds, that "helps you get the pink glow of blushing, and smoothened soft cheeks naturally".
Their site asks women to talk about when they blush, and of course, they can mail their "blush moment" to their boyfriend as well.

There are entries like
"When in the middle of a conversation, he suddenyl says i love u"
, and
"when i was hanging with ma frendz, he sudenly came and sat near 2 me, n i realisesed that he is near 2 me after haf an hour"
, and
"when he huged me and kised me like anything"
Of course, there is this review of the site., that commends i-blush for being so "simple", unlike Sunsilk gang-of-Girls*, which has high expectations from us stupid women :

Sunsilk gang of girls had also started beautifully using excellent ads, but where they really lost out was asking girls to shoot videos and put them up online.
How many girls are comfortable with Video cameras or possess handy cams?
How many of them know how to transfer the video from the camera/phone on to the computer?
How many of them understand different formats? 3gp, Mpeg, avi etc?
How many of them will take actually the pains to shoot, transfer, edit and upload a video.
What were they trying to achieve???
Ponds on the other hand have kept it very simple

Yup, we poor women, who don't know anything.

*To clarify, I think Sunsilk's site is as bad, with women talking in the parlor, and stuff, but at least they don't want women to want to look pretty while blushing for their boyfriends.

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