Monday, June 25, 2007


Our train from Katihar reached NJP at 1pm, and we took a cab from there to take the 9 of us to Kurseong, a hill station 30 kms away from Darjeeling. The journey was beautiful, winding roads, with gorgeous views of the plains that we were leaving behind. The sun and shadows made beautiful contrasts on the scenery, highlighting meadows, and tea gardens, making a picture whose beauty just couldn't be captured on camera.

At Kurseong, we stayed at the Cochrane place, which fits my idea of the perfect hotel. It seems to have been built in British times, and is very cozy and pretty, with a teddy bear on the bed, and a fireplace in every room, and a balcony that overlooked the most beautiful view of Kurseong possible. Cocharne place also has a beautiful drawing room, with antique furniture in the middle of a green garden, and an amazing tea bar, with windows shaped like tea pots, serving some 100 varieties of black and milk tea. And they serve a candlelight dinner, with live piano music in the background. Absolutely prefect !

In the evening at Kurseong, we went for a short walk in the mountains - through green shrubs and trees, and pretty views of the valleys. The only sad part was that when we reached back, we realized that all of us had leeches on us, sucking our blood. And after I removed the leeches I found on me, I realized that the blood wouldn't stop flowing thanks to the anticoagulants that the leech would have injected in my blood. Very creepy. And I ended up having my 5th bath in 2 days to make sure that I didn't have any more leeches on me.

After the most amazing day at Kurseong, we slept very late at around 12 am, only to wake up at 4:45 am the next day, for our onward trip to Darjeeling. More coming up very soon :)

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