Friday, June 08, 2007

Only In India

Airport Road is one of the bigger roads in Bangalore, connecting the airport, and the many residential areas near the airport to the rest of the city. Its a very well made road, no potholes, good footpath to walk on, and lots and lots of traffic all the time, very urban.

For the past one month, I have been trying to walk from home to office along this road, around twice a week, and have seen many interesting sights on this road :
1. Man peeing on the footpath while traffic goes by. What do I do? Keep walking and risk seeing things I don't want to see, or worse? Walk on the road to avoid the man and his thingie, and risk a rash motorist? Wait on the side while he finishes, and goes away - but then what if he walks towards me.... ??

2. Man waiting in car while his small kid pees on the road. Much much easier to feel less embarrased about.

3. Man with 3 cows standing on the footpath (seen 2 weeks ago)
Man with 3 cows, tied to a post, cows eating hay, and man sitting with friend on footpath,singing songs (seen last week)
Man with 3 cows, man and his friend milking cows, collecting milk in a bucket, me wondering where does the milk go (seen this week)
Man with 3 cows, friend and man milking cows, a line of 10 women(yes, 10 women, I counted), waiting with bottles/mugs in their hands for milk, answering my unanswered questions. (seen yesteday)

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