Friday, June 08, 2007

Pirates of the Caribbean

2 of the 9 pirate lords are women, and one of them is elected Pirate King, and there is not a single joke about her being called "Pirate Queen" instead. (Woman Pirate King == subtle support for Hillary for President 2008?)

Also, the word fuck is not used even once in the movie. (statistic claimed by Tejaswi)

And, when the Goddess is released, she grows 40 feet high, and her clothes actually grow with her as well, and don't tear off to reveal the glorious naked Goddess body, but instead, the focus remains on her anger, and whatever it was that she was saying, which I couldn't understand thanks to her unobvious accent, and the lack of Dolby Digital Sound in the theatre. The point remains though that she was talking, and we were listening, and there were no torn clothes.

When the pirates go to meet the Singapore Pirate Lord, the "male pirates" are asked to remove all their weapons, but can keep wearing their multiple-layered "fashionably torn" clothes, but Elizabeth (the female pirate) is considered dangerous enough, that she is made to strip to prove she is not hiding any weapons anywhere.

The first movie I have seen with a strong feminine negative role-model, one who can be emulated in fantasy land. Nows where's my Will Turner???

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  1. Yes, half the theater was curious as to how the 40 ft high Goddess will turn out to be. Anatomically. A pity she was wearing one of them Lee stretchables.

    And Tejaswi is wrong. The F word was used approximately 1243 times during the movie, around a thousand times by me alone, out of sheer boredom.