Monday, July 09, 2007


Exactly 1 Month left before I fly to the US of A.
Immunization, shopping, packing, mails, meeting friends, arranging for accomodation, saying good-byes.

Me thinks its all happening much too quickly.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Play With Me

It started with 'The Island'- someone mentioned that it was an English play playing at Rangashakara, and we decided to go. It was hard to follow at first, hadn't watched many plays before, and as the two guys conversed about digging and filling a sand hole we couldn't see, as they were hit by jailors we had to imagine were there, and as they roamed around wearing their imaginary shackles, I wondered whether I had already lost what was happening. But then one of them announced his release from prison in a month, and they discussed what they missed about life, and how they coped, and suddenly the Island hit me, moved me, and hooked me to plays.

'Exit the King' followed, a story of a king who's dying, and his 2 queens, the young and the old, and shouts of "The King is Dying!!", and "The King is Dead!" Never quite understood what the whole thing represented though.

Girish Karnad's "Flowers" followed, with the priest who loved Shiva's Ling, and cheated on his wife, and loved the courteasan Chandravati, whom he decorated with the Ling's flowers. The king, and the humiliation, and the miracle followed. And the priest defied the Lord's miracles, refused to live a life with God's favors, and left me with questions, but no answers, making it one of my favorite plays.

And then there was Bikhre Bimb, with Arundhati Nag playing the succesful Indian writer with a big hit of an English novel, with her dead crippled sister, and her nice husband, and her own soul in the television, asking her whether it was all worth it.

Kannada play still left to watch though.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Wonderful Weekends

Saturday was a day of movies - the really crappy 'Fantastic Four', followed by the really nice 'The Chronicle of Nardnia', and another nice movie - 'Bridge To Terebhitia'. And that was followed by some music at Java City, and a nice soup and salad dinner at The Great Wall, and some Hersheys Kisses.

Sunday started with the morning show of Die Hard 4.0, great movie indeed, with some caramel popcorn. Lunch was my favorite - masala pav, then off to Akshay and Archana's place, and then Bhikre Bimb at Rangashankara, which also had pita bread and hummus and a mediterranean salad. And then a rajma-chawal dinner at home.

Hope each weekend is as good, and as fun as this one.