Friday, August 17, 2007

CMU Campus

Well, to be honest, CMU doesn't seem to have a campus, just a whole lot of buildings, since it doesn't have a campus boundary wall at all. But then again, it has this largish lawn, with trees in between the HUB and the University Center building - almost like a park ... which is the closest to an identifiable campus-like area.

And today evening, while I walked through it, in search of my own building, I crossed under-grads playing ball, and frisbee, and other students walking along, talking animatedly, and this one guy who was sitting under a tree, playing the guitar and singing songs.

The weather was warm, yet a nice breeze was blowing, ruffling my freshly washed hair, and there was nice music, and it just felt so good.

So I sat down in the grass as well, and listened to him play, and watched the sunshine through the leaves in the trees, and stared dreamily at all the people. With a lap to lie down on, life would be perfect.


  1. That would be a life.. if you weren't in grad school :)

  2. guess everybody is looking for a lap :)

  3. To be honest, am looking for a laptop more than a lap :D