Saturday, August 04, 2007

My Hero

I remember being in seventh standard still.
Watching Yeh Dillagi 10 times. And all the rest of Saif Ali Khan's movies. Even the worst of them were watched again and again.

Watching his bad dancing, and wishing I were dancing with him.
Smuggling bad postcards that cost 1 Rupee and had his photograph on it into school. Punishment for being caught with such a postcard in school was severe, the risk taken was worth the thrill of having your hero in your bag to stare at all through the day.

Day dreaming about him in history and geography class.
Planning to bunk school with Neha Naik, and try and find his house, and stand outside it to get a glimpse of him (she wanted to go to Shahrukh's home). Never found the guts though.

Making weird acronyms that started with SAK(Saif) and SK(Shahrukh), progressing to weird poems with each line starting with S, A and K in succession.
Learning the steps to "Job bhi koi ladki dekhon", the dialogues in his movies, being so jealous of Kajol, cause he loved her, and danced with her, and ...

Refusing to believe that "Main Anari, Tu Khiladi" could be a flop !! Such a great movie !!

Growing up and realizing in 11th what a bad bad actor he was then. :(
And how pathetic he really looked with his girly long hair, and weird dancing steps.
Falling out of love, never to idolize anyone this much ever again. No more heroes.

Noticing a couple of years ago how he has improved, how he looks good now, and acts soo well.
Not falling in love again though. With him or any other "hero".

The days of innocent hero-worship have gone.


  1. oh gosh..don't say u won't idolise saif again...please do coz ever since i had seen him in main khiladi tu anari till date ...i have been mad after him...i feel he sort of completes me...when i look back i say'yuck' how did i even like that guy who has such weird tell u the truth that weird guy has been my entire life!!!....just like u ,me and my twin sister nicknamed saif as 'SAK'..and while eating at the table with our parents we wud gossip abt him using his confused their faces were;-)...i used to hoard posters of him when i was in 7th...and felt sad when my mom threw all his posters in the dustbin after my annual exams saying'ur marks are all's affecting my studies'...surprisingly i went on to become first in my class 4 the first time ever..and since then i had been getting cool marks...noone dared to touch saif's posters again....everything about him even now excites dream is to make enough money after college..thru a nice job...go to bombay and produce one of saif's films...or even direct it....well far fetched but not impossible!! just like saif never gave up in bollywood...i won't give up trying...i just loveeeee him!!!!

  2. Its sad to not have a hero to worship and its worse to know that no one is really *that* good. Sigh. Growing up is hard.

    In CMU now? Settling in? I finally got my degree :D