Monday, August 20, 2007

New Home

Finally our new home in Pittsburgh has been set up.

We have mattresses and a couch and a desk+chair, and a fan and lots of really pretty lamps, and also a lot of gadgets in the kitchen - microwave, dishwasher, sandwich maker, blender, BIG fridge, etc. etc. It looks AWESOME !!

This is our living room :

This is my room :

And finally this is the kitchen :


  1. The clock on the radiator doesnt seem like a good idea... ;)

  2. Your place looks super nice. I'm staying over at your place if/when I come to CMU :) [for a visit of course :P; no plans for PhD yet]

  3. You are fast :).
    It's been four months, and I have been too lazy to furnish my apt.