Thursday, August 16, 2007


So I walk into the Newell Simon building today afternoon, and I see a robot walking (rolling) towards me. It stopped in front of 2 guys ahead of me, and said "would you like some sweets?". It had a tray full of a variety of chocolates (one of each type), and you could ask for a chocolate, and it would recognize what you are asking for, and then you had to pick it up, and show the chocolate to it, and it said "OK" (not sure whether it was learning the types of chocolates, or actually cross-checking whether you took the right chocolate). Superb stuff !!

And did I mention that there is a robo-receptionist here, who doesn't have voice recognition yet, but has NLP capabilities, so you can ask it for "directions to XYZ's office", and it will answer ?


  1. That sounds almost impossible.. but frickin' cool :)

  2. wow! that's really kewl! hope you didn't try to flirt with the receptionist :P