Monday, September 17, 2007

Danish Feminism

We demand: respect, equal wages and orgasms.

Saturday, September 15, 2007


If it isn't immoral, it probably won't work.

Dilli Ki Nagri

Why do I miss Delhi so much? The lab, the katta, the steps where I cried, the fountain where we all sat and had chai? TC, Big Chill, CP, Sardarji ka Dhaba, our rooftop ? I miss Tejaswi in Delhi, and Akshat and Kudrat ! And Kudrat's friends and the IRL folks. Even Handa !!

The application process, the recos, the alphablox and J2EE code. The interview studying, the SOP writing, VLDB demo, the canceled trip to Himachal, the trip that happened to Lansdowne.... The last minute Delhi-tourist trip - Red Fort and Lotus Temple, and the valentine's awkward awkward trip to the dancing fountains. :) Even the maggi counter in Delhi has soo many memories !!

The walks through IIT, giggling for the CMU admit while walking for 45 long minutes, crying for the people lost, embarrassing friends, stopping people walking away. The peacocks, the aunty ki meethi meethi chai. The airport, the uncle at the airport saying goodbye, the yellow car, Dhingra uncle, the chill, the barbeque, the crazy crazy crazy times. Packing for the Google interview. Worrying about what to wear for that first meeting, searching for a decent salwar-kameez !! :))

And cold, always cold. Oh so cold. And the snuggling up in the rajai. And the shopping at Sarojini Nagar for jackets. And all the trips to Big Chill. Soup and chocolate. And the warmth. The red tshirt I wore to my dance practice. And buying water on the way home. Home. My home. And TC. The last night at TC. When everything was going so wrong, but it really wasn't.

And breakfast and tea on the roof. And sunbathing :)) And cooking. And driving through Delhi, singing Aadat and Tere Bin. And Diwali Dhamaka. Dancing, shopping, and acting.

Hazaaron Khwahishyen Aisi in loop. Followed by Omkara. In loop again. And the bonfire at Lansdowne. And being sooo lost. Still lost.

Everytime I think of Delhi, there's a rush of snapshots that go by. Each one more intense than the other. Moments that cannot be forgotten. Make me wonder how did I survive it all ? And how is it still some of the best times of my life?

Joy and tears, stress and fun, work and break. Very intense. Very very missed !

Friday, September 07, 2007


So one of the major things happening in the past few days has been our department orientation. Professors from the CS department give research talks on their current interests for 30 minutes each, and if you get interested in something, you talk to the Professor about being his student.

So I heard about modeling human motion, and the ripples on human skin while they do tasks, about Data Intensive Super Computing, about creating a 3D view of a scene from a single 2D image, about analyzing virus genomes, and modeling biological evolution, about creating a machine that truly "understands" what it knows, and the techniques of speech synthesis, and interactive tutors, and multi-lingual question answering, and so much more.

And each talk impressed me more than the others, and as each Professor talked about his vision of the future, I got more and more excited about working in their specific area. In spite of all the exciting events I have been to in the past few days, attending the IC orientation talks has been the MOST EXCITING event by far !!

Updates !!

Was busy the whole week with homework and "parties". The homework has been ... well, homework, but the events at CMU were very interesting indeed !

Last weekend, we attended a GSA party at Ava Lounge, which was awesome !! We reached there at 10:40-ish, and they were serving Ethiopian food - which had kaali daal (v spicy) !! I have not seen any other cuisine that has daal, so that was cooL! Then there was something which was exactly like a dosa but rolled up, and some 2 non-veg dishes with vegetables, in a spicy gravy again, and with steamed rice - exactly like Indian food ! There were 3 dance floors, and we danced like crazy for almost 3 hours !! We finally left at 2 am, and found our way back with great difficulty cause cabs stop service at 2 - a not-so-exciting end to a very fun night :)

Then there was my very first Potluck at a CSD grad student's house, where I took cake, but it turned out that 15 of the 25 people had got desserts as well.... good lesson learnt - don't get dessert to a potluck !

There was also an IGSA party, with games and movie (Chak de India), and some food as well - met a lot of people I had met in the orientation from the other departments - was a lot of fun !

Then I attended the Women@SCS Potluck - which was in a very pretty home with a very pretty backyard, that was all decorated with candles for us. And there was the biggest, yet nicest dog - Max - who was so friendly, I forgot to be scared after some time !!

And then there was the SCS IC hike to Linn Run division of Forbes State Forest. We walked, and talked, and had a lot of fun !!

And I just attended a party in honor of Sharon Burks at the Phipps Conservatory, which was very very pretty. And they served the nicest food ! Strawberries and pineapple slices covered in chocolate, and broccoli and red bell peppers with rich ranch dressing, and sushi, and meatballs, and some exotic cheese-based dishes. And there was wine and cheese as well ! And the conservatory itself is beautiful, with a glass exhibition set up right in the middle of all the plants, the muted and varied shades of green, contrasting with the bright reds and electric blues of the glass snakes and balls lying all around.

There have been more events, but I forgot them now. The habit remains.