Friday, September 07, 2007


So one of the major things happening in the past few days has been our department orientation. Professors from the CS department give research talks on their current interests for 30 minutes each, and if you get interested in something, you talk to the Professor about being his student.

So I heard about modeling human motion, and the ripples on human skin while they do tasks, about Data Intensive Super Computing, about creating a 3D view of a scene from a single 2D image, about analyzing virus genomes, and modeling biological evolution, about creating a machine that truly "understands" what it knows, and the techniques of speech synthesis, and interactive tutors, and multi-lingual question answering, and so much more.

And each talk impressed me more than the others, and as each Professor talked about his vision of the future, I got more and more excited about working in their specific area. In spite of all the exciting events I have been to in the past few days, attending the IC orientation talks has been the MOST EXCITING event by far !!

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