Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Can't wait ....

To buy a new white-board for my home. :)


I went partying with Karan and some of his friends. We went to Tequila Willies and Privilege, both at Strip District, and a house party, followed by breakfast at Eat-n-Park. Awesome Fun !!

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Heroes-2 has started, Hiro Nakamura is back !! I'm soo happy !!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Chicago Trip

Went to Chicago to meet Reena on the weekend. Sapna came from Seattle as well, and it was an awesome one-third-MM reunion ! :)

I reached Chicago at 12, and we immediately went to the Bahai temple. Very pretty, and very big, though not as impressive as the Lotus temple in Delhi. Very quiet though, cause there was only 1 other person in the temple, so very conducive for silent thought.

That was followed by an awesome picnic lunch in a garden, and then we went to a beach !! Played in the sand, clicked a LOT of snaps, and laughed a lot at the most ridiculous of jokes - its amazing how good friends can make your sense of humor fall to amazingly low levels, where anything and everything seems funny !

We then went to the John Hancock Observatory on the 94th floor, which had a super-duper view of the whole of Chicago and the lake as well.... and then roamed around all over Downtown, gaping at the shops, and the buildings, and all the people. Unlike Pittsburgh, Chicago actually a crowd on the roads - which felt really good !! Went home to some superb pulao dinner, and fun conversations.... missed 209, and the rest of the gang though.

The next day was the Millennium Park with the "kidney bean" and the "water fountain with the man and the woman". And then right next to the planetarium with the water and the skyline. And Navy Pier, which was like an Indian Mela - people, rides, junk jewelery, food stalls, and funny hats :)

Saturday food was poha, sprouts, and pulao. Sunday lunch was prawns, bhindi, daal, dinner was gobi and dahi curry. Almost everything made by Yogesh. All of it awesome ! Had superb homemade food, cooked and served to me after so long, felt so good :)

The weekend ended way too soon, the week and all of its work and homework started way too quick. Here's hoping that many more fun weekends are here soon.