Monday, November 19, 2007

Light Up Night

Friday night was 'Light Up Night' - the night when all the Christmas lights are lit up in Downtown Pittsburgh, the Christmas tree is decorated, and Santa makes his FIRST appearance. Its like a 'mela' in downtown, street vendors selling green and blue light sabers, and street food like funnel cakes, and fried Oreo cookies and corn dog.

Families are all out on the streets, Macy's has a big display of fairy tales (this pic is of the Cinderella doll and her price charming, both of whom were surprisingly ugly ! ), and there are many ginger bread cakes made by local chefs being sold for charity.

There's also fireworks, and the ice rink around the Christmas tree looks gorgeous. Sivaraman wanted to ice-skate, but all of us were too cold, so we had to say no. Sorry Sivaraman !

I went for Light Up Night with the usual gang - Mladen, Gorana, Beena, Ramnath and Sivaraman, and it was a fun Friday night indeed :)

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