Tuesday, December 11, 2007


No, not the movie, the term - partner. Christina at Feministe thought the whole “girlfriend”/”boyfriend” thing a little silly, and the word “partner” annoying and confusing.

She asks "How do you introduce your Bedfellow? Other Sidekicks you’ve had? What was the best/funniest/most syllabic term for S.O. you’ve ever heard? If you wanted to make the worst impression possible, what term would you use?"

Some of the answers from the comments :
  • “Hi, this is Jim. Jim and I are ‘it’s complicated’ on Facebook.”
  • Shagpiece
  • Temptress
  • “So, this person who lives with me and what not….”
  • StableBoy :D
  • So - sambo.
  • sigoth, for significant other
  • My sweetie. :)) -- ha ha, imagine saying "Hello, I would like you to meet my sweetie XYZ"
  • Beloved !!!
  • “I’d like to introduce you to My Complication”
  • my oldest child
  • POSSLQ (Person of Opposite Sex Sharing Living Quarters).
  • “This is my….this is…..this is Bob.”
  • “this is my current romantic involvement, [name]”
  • sig fig. (Short for Significant Figure, which, yes, is a dumb chemistry joke.)
  • Equipment Operator.
  • my Special Lady Friend.
  • "this is my euphemism, steven”
  • Boy Toy
  • Super Friend - I like this one :)
  • "This is the boy that I’m kissing.”


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