Thursday, January 03, 2008


online chin-scratching club Edge have asked their annual question. This year's it's "What have you changed your mind about?"

I resolve to think about this, and add what did I change my mind about to this post in the next 1 week.

Update :
As I do every year, in 2007 I again changed my mind about who I am.

It turns out I am not as selfish as I had imagined, not as nice as I had thought, not as rational. I saw my biases, didn't like all of them, found my honest-self, the one who I thought didn't exist outside of my best-self. I changed my mind about how important it is to look good, I finally made my semi-peace with my body.

I also changed my mind about how much math I was capable of knowing, how much I surprise myself, and the irony of having multiple personalities in my own head also struck me as funny ( a part of me anyways). In 2007, I started labeling all my desires with their origins, most of which were people. And started labeling(naming?) all the people who live in me.

There are too many voices in my head, and its hard to follow 1 path when the decision is being made by a committee, but unfortunately I like all of me too much to throw any one voice out.

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