Saturday, March 22, 2008

Seattle Trip

Some trips are just so much fun, so much fun, so much fun, that when you get back home, all you want to do is go back. Seattle at Spring Break was that kind of a trip for me, mostly because of Sapna.

I landed in Seattle on the 12th, Sapna came to the airport to pick me up, and the 45 minute drive to her house disappeared while we chatted about everything and nothing. Her house is beautiful, very elegant, very subtly decorated. Sappo had made dal and roti and beans ki subji, an awesome meal that ended with some great chai !! We then went to the Snoqualmie Falls, which were so powerful, and magnificent, somehow, man-made buildings don't compare ! There was a boardwalk where you could stand and look at the falls, but like most other people, we jumped over it, onto the rocks below, and viewed the waterfall, right from the shore. We sat there on the rocks for sometime, feeling the tiny droplets of water, hearing the roar of the waterfall, feeling the stress go away !

Later in the evening we went to Whole Foods, which was fun, cause I hadn't been to a whole foods before - the variety of food there was mindboggling ! And the day just got better when Sapna cooked pav-bhaji for dinner !! :)

On Friday, Sapna, Eakta, Sujatha and I roamed around in Seattle, from the beach to Pyke Place Market to the (closed) Space Needle and Experience Music Project, and the tourist train through Downtown. Pyke Place Market was really interesting, with weird jewelery shops, and Magician Stores, and exotic clothes, and the first Starbucks. We ended the day with an awesome dinner that was easily the best Indian Restaurant I have seen in the US so far!

The next day we went on a LONG drive along with Aabhas and Eakta to see Mount St Helen, but alas ! it was closed, since it was still "winter" in Seattle, and the only open viewpoint required us to trek for 3 miles through 2 feet of snow. We instead went to the visitors center, and looked at a movie about its history, and saw the small exhibit there, and walked around on the trail through the marshes. On our way back, we visited the State Capitol in Olympia, and had an Indian Chinese dinner, that included vegetable manchurian, spicy garlic noodles, soup !! And as if that wasn't enough food, we went to CanAm to get Tandoori Pizza !!

Seattle is beautiful even in winter, and I can see how it would be even more gorgeous in summer, and I hope to go back there soon !

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