Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I'm learning how to swim. It's all really exciting right now - shopping for the costume, floating and gliding in the water, swallowing a lot of chlorine water, the shower, and the roaming around with wet frizzy hair ...
It was my second day at the locker today and someone took my towel !! I also learned that there are dryers to dry your swimsuit, so you don't have to carry your wet swimsuit through the day :P
Starting lessons was almost the scariest thing I have done ever, and now that the first step is done, I am soooo excited !


  1. My best swimming moment:

    Trying to make the entire breadth of the pool in Basavanagudi (which is the standard Olympic size) entirely underwater. Taking a head start, and after reaching midway (the deepest point as well), turning back to see Naga also doing the same behind me, and his hair fluttering like a flag underwater. Turning ahead and kicking away to glory to reach the other end.

    I have had one of my best times of my life swimming.

  2. Good luck...

    I tried but could never really get over the hang of it.