Wednesday, September 03, 2008

India Trip - Home

How do you write about being at home after a year? Having the good tea that Jisha makes, or talking to mom face-to-face, eating some absolutely brilliant food, till you are completely full, but still want some more? Spending time at home, just being with mom is the most relaxing thing ever !

But besides that my stay at home also had a lot of fun ! I met Aniket who came to meet me, even though he was in India for such a short time as well, and Kuldeep, who stayed over for a night as well, and it felt great meeting them after such a long time. Kuldeep and I went to the airport to receive Tejaswi, and we sat outside discussing economics and gas prices, and friends, and computer science while we waited for the flight to arrive. Finally, Neela visited me as well, and it felt awesome talking to her after so long ! And she got me some really pretty earrings as well. :)

That one week was a lot of fun - from shopping for skirts, to eating sizzlers with my family at Cream Centre and icecream at Naturals, and the Chronicles of Narnia, and meeting Raj Massi, and watching Kanyadaan, and eating at the Vile Parle khaau galli, and Red Light, and the Chinese dinner, and Antimony, and walking along the Queen's necklace, and shopping for paintings and meeting Dr Jehangir, and going to Shoppers Stop and RAIT, and the mango juice and the pav bhaji and dahi chaat at Sadguru. Its a blur of memories, one better than the other. My favorite one would be being at the airport though, and grinning, and then grinning some more - so happy to be back home :) Thinking of that moment still makes me smile.