Saturday, December 27, 2008


I don't even remember when I started sitting in the kitchen watching my mom cook, and telling her about my day. I certainly never questioned if what we ate was healthy, whether we put too many spices or too few, were we getting enough protein etc. "It was home made food - it must be good" was my reasoning.

But the US changed all that. I met people from other cultures, who ate much unheathier "home made" food, and others who ate much healthier food. I started wondering why "we Indians" always overcook our vegetables. Why "we(I)" need so much salt, why I always want food with more ghee and more spices. I thought about eating less cooked veggies, less salt, more "lentils" ...

I worry so much more about food now than I ever did. I now wonder what the side-effect of all this worrying is. And thus the cycle of positive reinforcement begins?

Wednesday, December 03, 2008


I finally did this year what I spent days and days doing last year.

Looked at the prices of tickets to India. For different dates, different websites.
Wondered what could be, how I could be at home.
I searched, even though I knew I have a deadline, and I can't go home.
I searched, even though I knew all flights will be ridiculously expensive.
I searched, even though I knew it will not be practical for me to go to India for a few more months.

Its at times like these when I hate myself for being a practical person.