Saturday, December 27, 2008


I don't even remember when I started sitting in the kitchen watching my mom cook, and telling her about my day. I certainly never questioned if what we ate was healthy, whether we put too many spices or too few, were we getting enough protein etc. "It was home made food - it must be good" was my reasoning.

But the US changed all that. I met people from other cultures, who ate much unheathier "home made" food, and others who ate much healthier food. I started wondering why "we Indians" always overcook our vegetables. Why "we(I)" need so much salt, why I always want food with more ghee and more spices. I thought about eating less cooked veggies, less salt, more "lentils" ...

I worry so much more about food now than I ever did. I now wonder what the side-effect of all this worrying is. And thus the cycle of positive reinforcement begins?

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  1. You are forgetting environmental factors when you wonder about the "whys" regarding Indian food.

    That aside, I believe that our cuisine is way more healthy than European or American - we do NOT have cheese as a staple in everything. Maybe not so much Chinese/East Asian - but then we do not rely on non-vegetarian so much either.

    As another aside, there is a point to be made about other cuisines under-cooking their food. I think that is far worse - raw is always bad.

    One side-effect is that you end up acting like the ABCDs and pretending to worry about fat content. In the end its less about the food and more about the exercise. Which Indians just never do :)