Sunday, January 25, 2009

Apparently, eating lunch at a pub is cause for outrage.

Fear. Anger. Shame. I'm tired of feeling all of this. And more.

Is a sense of security in your own country too much to ask for? To know that even if people don't approve of your behavior, they will not attack you in the middle of the day? Even worse, that you will not be made an example to all other "people" of your kind - "lets beat five women up for talking to Muslim men as an example to all other women out there? "

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  1. There is still worse way of comparing people. Each and every human being is a human being, he cannot be compared. Which work one can do the other body can also repeat, so why there is still comparison between people, between their religion, sex ,proffesion etc.

    Especially in our country Kriti.

    So we have to fare out.