Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Carnegie Library

I get 3-4 books from the Carnegie Library every couple of weeks, and invariably the books I want are already checked out. So I put a hold on the book, and get it 2-3 weeks later. It works out well for me because I always have books being requested, and books being delivered. And it makes me feel so good that other people in Pittsburgh read the same stuff as I do... even if I don't know who they are.

Q&A : Vikas Swarup - Requested by 32 people
Things I learned about my dad in therapy : Heather B. Armstrong - requested by 2
Waiter Rant : requested by 124 people
Brisingr : requested by 231
Dreams from my father : requested by 33
Daughters of India - requested by 2

I'm so glad the Carnegie Library is right next door - and I wish there were such libraries in India as well.


  1. I sooo wish we had such libraries in India... :(

    If I have enough money by the time I retire, I will definitely set one up!

  2. :O at 124 people requesting 'Waiter Rant'

  3. and also :O that you find time to read as much!

    btw, have you checked out the audio collection on the 2nd floor? it's absolutely brilliant - any random music you've been hunting for, you'll find here :)

  4. You are totally correct that there must be such libararies in India that are like Carnegie Library.

    I hope India cuold be such a developed country.

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