Saturday, January 10, 2009


I am listening to George Michael right now and remembering my "Ladies & Gentlemen: The Best of George Michael" cassette(s) bought way back in 1999. Singing along to these songs, in the balcony of our "new" house, which had not been renovated then .. feeling guilty about not studying for 12th exams, and thinking about "life" instead.

Singing aloud, pretending to be performing at a concert, slow dancing with an imaginary partner, dreaming about dreams I knew were going to be shattered very soon. Dreaming them cause even then, I could see that it would be the last time I would be thinking such thoughts, making such plans, knowing that one day I would look back and smile at my childish hopes and fears. They seemed so important then - I felt so misunderstood then. Life seemed so complicated, centered as it was around 12th, friends and love.

I think there's something you should know
I think it's time I told you so
There's something deep inside of me
There's someone else I've got to be
Freedom indeed.

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