Friday, January 09, 2009

Practice Makes Perfect

New York Times has an article on how top athletes, chess champions, violin players and other famous people from all walks of life are better only because they practiced more, and started younger. Further, they pace themselves - training arduously for say 4 hours a day, and making rest a part of their training schedule. I know the importance of continuous working in research as well, but I wonder if the rest part of it is important as well. A lot of the people I know work continuously, because working makes them happier than doing other things. And this is especially true of the more successful researchers and faculty members. Is the need for a life outside of work really unimportant in research?


  1. Personally, I believe that rest is a very important part - I find it hard it to work without stepping out for a bit every few hours. In general, I believe that only working will lead to a quicker burnout stage - which does happen. I've seen it.

  2. That's true practise makes a man perfect.