Sunday, April 19, 2009

Facebook Government

Apparently, facebook is letting "we, the users" vote on their new site governance policies - the Statement of Rights and Responsibilities and Facebook Principles. Woah ! Thats like the online equivalent of a constitution, ain't it?

If the vote gets accepted, maybe kids in school will be taught the 10 Facebook principles of:
  1. Freedom to Share and Connect
  2. Ownership and Control of Information
  3. Free Flow of Information
  4. Fundamental Equality
  5. Social Value
  6. Open Platforms and Standards
  7. Fundamental Service
  8. Common Welfare
  9. Transparent Process
  10. One World
In 1989, we began this new world of the world wide web, in 2009, we begin to govern it as a world wide democracy?

P.S. : I voted for the new statement, simply because it states that the IP of content posted to facebook will belong to the users. It bothered me though that the new site governance policies also say that facebook reserves the right to not acknowledge that some content is a paid-for service or an advertisement, even though I have no clue whether this is a standard practice for all websites.

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