Thursday, April 16, 2009

Revolutionary Road

Hope. Dreams. Want. Emotional Intensity. Revolutionary Road was one of the most involving movies I have seen for a long time.

You can't help but feel for Kate Winslet as she wishes to get out of her current life, as she hopes that Paris will be the thing that will revive her life, her marriage, bring her and her husband closer to the destiny they deserve.

You can't help but wonder whether Leonardo DiCaprio deserves all of this, as he tries to get out of work, sleeps with some other woman, complains about his job, and generally gets disinterested in making more out of his life.

But then he gets a chance to be inspired, a chance to be something bigger than who is he right now, and unfortunately, his chance is not Kate's chance. She will remain there, in the same place, with the same things, the dream of Paris just a dream.

And it hurts. On so many levels, that even 10 days after watching the movie, I can still cry for her.
I'm sorry Kate that things didn't work out as planned. You were a free spirit, you deserved more of life than you got. I wish this was just a story, I wish that as I watched the movie, I didn't feel for all the people who's lives this must have been, wanting, deserving, but not getting.

Revolutionary Road is truly a must watch.


  1. Hmm.. Interesting take.

    My reaction was a bit different. I didn't feel sorry for Kate. I disliked her for foisting her dreams on her husband, not realizing that even though they were the same when they met, they were different now. He no longer wanted the same things that she did. And her response to unhappiness in the current situation was to escape - to an unknown in the hope that it will bring back the opportunities (and as you put it - the destiny she dreamed of).

    Pursuing change on the outside rather than from the inside never brings happiness and I pitied (loathed?) her for expecting it.

  2. I forgot to add - I'm a great believer in the selfish spirit. To blame another person for one's inability to "get out" betrays a lack of conviction and self motivation required to pursue the so-called "dream". And I feel no pity for what they think they deserved.

    Now, people who had their dreams shattered by physical mis-fortunes, that I find degrees more depressing ...