Thursday, July 30, 2009


Yes, Mohan is educated, and American-returned, and (presumably) Delhi-educated, and he brings about a real difference in the lives of these vilagers.

But why can't Geeta ? She is Delhi-educated too, she believes in equality of the gender, and abolishing the caste system, she believes in making a difference, trying to improve the country etc. etc.

Then why can she not be the person to get new students to school, convince the village elders to let lower caste children study in the same school or anything useful in the village? Why does she have to be a side-prop, who does nothing more than give speeches to potential husbands? He even has to save the school that she runs !

Its a good movie, but this fact annoys me too much to enjoy the movie.


  1. Thats exactly what the movie portrays. How gender biased we really are, and how we require 'men' to make changes.

    Swades - 'We, the people' - remember?

  2. Critical mass is the key. There aren't enough women achievers in India as of now (atleast not as many as the male achievers), thanks to the fact that we have been a male dominated society for ages.
    So, if Geeta were to do what Mohan did, the theme would shift from Swades to Naari shakti or some such thing, even if she were the US return who brings about a reform.
    Hopefully when there are sufficient women achievers, the audience will be more receptive to Geeta being the hero.
    Incidently, the Geeta in Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi continued with the reforms without her Siddharth :)

  3. True. It's very annoying. This post reminded me of the topic I choose for one of my debates in college (late 90s) -Bollywood movies portray women mostly as homemakers". Even in movies that din't really concentrate on reforms and all that, women were given entertaining (singing/dancing) roles, hardly gave any importance to women and their work etc. These days it's kind of better with at least some movies being sensible. I liked Luck by chance that way as it concentrates on Konkana Sen's bold steps and her commitment in doing what she liked to do and her attitude towards life etc. quite well.