Friday, August 21, 2009

Moments in Life

Incorporating multiple scenes from the protagonist's life with a song in the background is a classical movie-making technique, to show friendship, romantic love, or even tragedy. The title song from 'Dil Chahta Hai', where the friends go to Goa tries to represent youthful friendship, 'Sajna aa bhi jaa' from Waise Bhi Hote Hai shows romantic love, and Up! shows a life loved together.

There are countless more of course, and every time I watch one of these, I feel happy for the people on screen, but it also makes me feel empty. My life seems so slow in comparison, without such intense moments, where you make silly faces to see your shadows in the sun or put atta on the love of your life. It seems full of classes, and experiment running, and cooking and eating out at random places, and planning and grocery shopping.

But last week, I sat and visualized the "high points" of my life - times spent laughing with friends, planning surprise parties, traveling together, playing antakshari, and I realized that "my song" was much bigger and more intense and more fun than the stuff I saw on screen - its just that putting the video together takes so much more time. In fact, the New York trips alone made for enough footage for an entire movie - I just wish I could have recorded it and kept it in my memory forever. :)


  1. I know, I sometimes have a soundtrack running in my head when I'm remembering what has happened..

  2. Since I joined Yahoo!, I have started building an autobiography in pictures. Every time a major event happens, I add a frame to the collection. The frame is just a collage (just a grid .. nothing fancy) of representative photos. I guess the happiest times have been those when I created each frame. ... and I feel good whenever I look at them again :)


  3. Very very well said Kriti. I know what you mean, coz I feel like that also some times. So, I have started this new scrapbook called Project Life. It is basically POTD - Picture of the day. Whether it is simple things like going to starbucks for coffee, or having the fireplace on - on a cold winter night or just chilling on the sofa watching a chick flick. Here is the link to Project life - it is quite interesting.

  4. I gave you the wrong link in my earlier comment -