Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Chicago 2010

I was supposed to visit Chicago for a meeting on Wednesday, but thanks to the multiple storms that hit Pittsburgh, my flight got canceled and I got there on Thursday. The good thing was that I had Suyash for company, and we had a fun time at the meetings. In the evening, Devi gave us a tour of TTI, and took us to dinner at Giordano's for Chicago-style pizza.

Tejaswi came to Chicago on Friday morning, and we met up in the afternoon, once my meetings were done. Thanks to all the Valentine day hoopla, we had got gifts for each other - I had got him an early easter egg and a cute blue toy for the child in him, and he got me magnetic jewellery. We met Sandeep in the evening, and went to Devon street and the magnificient mile.

On Saturday, we mostly did good food - Victory's Banner, where pretty women in sarees served us french toast and uppama, and Bongo room, with the gorgeous corner table and sunlight. We ended the day with dinner at a Moroccan restaurant, which had the best "Indian-ish" food I have ever had, and beer tasting at Goose Island.

Sunday started with a walk to the Greek village for some delicious Kasseri and Feta artopita, while we waited out our hour long wait for breakfast at Meli's. We then went to Millenium park and took some touristy pics, before going off to the art museum to look at all their Monet paintings (they have so many more than the MET !) And on our way back to the airport, we decided to stop at the very interesting looking Earwax cafe for an evening snack with Sandeep.

Chicago was cold, but gorgeous. Since I was on holiday, I splurged and decided to waste a lot of water on my very first (watermelon flavored) bubble bath. The sun was fine, the food was awesome, and the company was the best. Lets hope for more holidays very soon.


  1. Fun trip!!! :D thanks for sharing..I loved chicago. It just has a different feel to it. Did you go to Navy Pier at all?