Friday, March 04, 2011

Nicknames et al

I don't know if you noticed, but blogging has slowed down for the last one year or so. And no, it's not because "I've been so busy living life, I don't have time to blog". Life has not been super eventful - no books or kids have been produced, no new passion or religion has been discovered, and no life-threatening stunts have been tried.

Well ... one potentially life-threatening stunt was tried, almost two years ago. I got married. And one of the well known side effects of this marriage thing was that all the joy and fun in life now involves The Husband. So all the cute stories, the funny stories, the exciting stories - they all involve him.

And as is well known in the blogging community, it's awkward to keep using "The Husband" each time you want to blog. It seemed to me that writing a story without naming the hero was impossible, so all blogging was shelved while I hunted for a suitable name. And the hunt for a suitable nickname has been on for the last two years now. (Yes, the PhD has made me such a procrastination expert, I've been procrastinating this too.)

The standard ones like TH (The Husband), SO, do not reflect the bliss and ardor that I think the nickname should display. Hubby is a little too ... cute. HWMBO seems a little outlandish, even (if I may say so) a little bit untrue.

So today when I went to Frugal Girl(FG)'s website, I noticed she referred to Mr. FG, and I thought ... thats kind of a cute nickname. Thats what I will do too! The blogging can now restart finally!

And thats when I realized what my blogging nickname was.

Any other recommendations for nicknames anyone?


  1. Muahahahahhhaaa.. ROFTL, that was sheer awesome. Please do name him that.

    It should be HWMOM, and not HWMBO, no?

  2. Hee. That would be...a little awkward. You could do it without the abbreviation. I used to refer to my husband as Mr. Frugal Girl, but then I just got lazy.

    So, call him Mr. Bridge Jones. =P

  3. ZOMG. I didn't even know you got married. Waise how would I know if you didn't blog about it for 2 years!

    So, belated congratulations and all that. :)

  4. @SEV, hehe, HWMOM is wayy cooler I agree :-)

    @Parijat, TJ is more like Daniel Cleaver than Mark Darcy :P

    @Kristen, I love your blog! I tried yeast baking for the very first time cause I enjoyed reading all your baking posts so much!

    @Alice-in-wonder, thank you :-)

  5. I dunno, you've really set this up and all :p